Our Services

We are a team of highly experienced workers that provide effective and timely solutions when it comes to excavation and demolition services.

Manual excavation

Manual Excavation

We offer specialised hand excavation services done using shovels and other equipment. This is ideal for small or constricted spaces where excavation is needed.

Material transport

Material Transport

We can present you with material transport solutions and services designed to carry construction material or debris to and from a designated area. Ideal for soil, earth, rocks, asphalt and construction waste.

Building Materials & Supplies

Rubble Walls

We can provide you with hard-wearing upper coralline limestone, ideal for the construction of hitan tas-sejjieh.

Construction Materials

We can present you with a range of construction materials including rubble, soil, stones and dry stones.


Sand is used in construction to provide bulk, strength and stability to other materials such as cement and mortar.


We can present you with varying sizes of limestone blocks for home building. They are both hardy and durable.


We can present you with ground, crushed and undressed rubble or screed. We offer our customers a choice of both.


Soil is used to create building materials such as cement or to create building bricks. It can also be used for older walls.

Task-Specific Machinery


Our range of cranes can be used to act as pulleys. Designed to lift, lower and move objects horizontally in a safe manner.

Wheel Loaders

These versatile machines can be used to scoop out materials around a construction site, including dirt, soil, debris and gravel.


These tools are used to demolish and remove any unwanted hard surfaces such as concrete, tiles and asphalt.


We can present you with a range of high-impact excavators including mini, large and long-reach machinery.

Stone-Cutting Saws

This tool is used to cut concrete. It is ideal for uses that include separating one building’s walls from another before construction.

Drum Cutters

Drum cutters (gerriema) are used to create trench outlines, profile the surface of rocks and concrete, and efficiently excavate soft rocks.


Hgh-ups are heavy lifting machines designed to facilitate lifting tasks in construction areas. Ideal for large structures over one storey tall.